Year 2

16th November 2018

This week we have been talking about bullying and what to do if you think you or your friend is being bullied. We talked about how we could choose respect and kindness when we are in the classroom, outside at play-time or at home. The children enjoyed learning the ‘Choose Respect’ song by CBeebies’ Andy and the Odd Socks and enjoyed wearing their odd socks and yellow for Children in Need. The children have also been working extra hard to form letters correctly when completing this week’s spelling challenge.


9th November 2018

Year 2 have had lots of fun investigating how polar bears keep warm in the artic. We discussed the adaptations of the polar bears to their environment and most of us predicted that it was their lovely thick fur that kept them warm.  We tested this by wearing a woolly glove and dipping our hands in ice water. When we all agreed that the gloves did not keep our hands warm, we talked about the extra fat that polar bears have. We then put on a plastic glove and put our hands inside a plastic bag filled with vegetable fat and dipped our hands in the water again. We concluded that it is the extra fat which keeps the polar bear warm.

2nd November 2018

This week in Year 2 we have been working hard adding 2 digit numbers together.

We have been busy writing instructions to make a sandwich.