Activities in the EYFS


20th April 2018

This week we have been learning about looking after our bodies. We have a special visitor in Reception from the 'Active Living Team.' We learned about exercise, healthy eating and teeth brushing. We tried lots of different fruits and vegetables. We have really enjoyed outdoor play in the water especially exploring which tools were the best transporters of water from the bucket to the water tray.

29th March 2018

This week the children went on a Spring walk and looked for signs of Springtime. We collected sticks and ordered them by length and height. We enjoyed balancing and climbing outdoors. We constructed scenes from the Easter story in Construction and explored 3D shapes. Our bulbs which we planted in Autumn are all blooming! Peppa Pig also came to visit our class and brought us Easter eggs.

23rd March 2018

This week we have been learning the 'Easter Story.' We made and Easter Garden outdoors using the blocks and in construction. In Maths we have been learning how to record our subtraction number sentences and exploring the whole/part/part model. Our ducklings have also grown so much over the week and have now gone back to the farm. The children have thoroughly enjoyed being 'Duck Detectives.' Rev. Mark also enjoyed holding one of our ducklings. Our Easter bonnets are looking fabulous and are now ready for the Easter competition. 

16th March 2018

This week we have been continuing with our topic of Journeys and read 'Whatever Next.' The children acted out the story and went on a 'moon walk' outside. The children have been so excited due to our new arrivals! We have enjoyed watching our ducklings hatch and looking after our baby ducks. 

9th March 2018

This week the children made the dragon for Chinese New Year and performed the dragon dance. We collected sticks outdoors and ordered them by length and height. We compared the height/length of each other and measured using cotton reels. We have been creating repeating patterns using a variety of resources. In Maths we have also been learning how to add 2 amounts together using playdough balls.

2nd March 2018

This week we explored what happened when we brought the snow inside and we compared two bowls of snow. One of them had salt mixed in with the snow and the children compared which bowl of snow melted the fastest. Lucy was amazed when the bowl of snow which had salt in it was the fastest bowl to melt and it turned into water! We have been learning about Chinese New Year and making 'The Chinese Dragon.' The children have been folding and threading parts for the dragon. We have also been creating patterns and learning about healthy eating in our Chinese themed home corner.

16th February 2018

This week we have been decorating biscuits. We worked out how to make the icing sticky by adding water and we made our own icing. We measured and cut strawberry laces and split our biscuit in half. We then counted out 6 jellytots and shared them equally onto each half of the biscuit. We made characters in the craft area from the story 'Old Bear.' Parents were invited into our classroom to share our learning journals. They also took part in our challenges! We also went on a very cold 'Bear Hunt' winter walk and explored our local environment. 

9th February 2018

The children have been inspired by 'James Isherwood' who was a local Wigan artist. The children explored colour mixing to paint pictures of Wigan identifying familiar landmarks and features of our town. We went on a word hunt outdoors, reading and matching tricky keywords. In Maths we have been adding 1 more and taking away 1 less. We enjoyed making our own number track to move forwards/backwards to add or take away 1 more/less. Harry made 'The Bear Hunt' at home exploring textures. We were very excited to explore snow this week and used all of our senses to have fun exploring outdoors. 

2nd February 2018

This week we have been estimating how many children we could fit on the grass from 'The Bear Hunt' story. Our estimate was accurate! We have been continuing to understand the whole/part/part model in maths. We enjoyed our challenges in our class 'bowling alley' adding and taking away and also exploring shapes. We continued to explore textures creating the forest and the snowstorm. The children compared our town with the landscape in 'The Bear Hunt' story and identified the main features of our town.

26th January 2018

 This week we have enjoyed reading 'The Bear Hunt' story. The children explored different textures to create the scenes in the story. We wrote warning signs, warning the family to keep out of the cave.  In Maths we learned about the whole/part/part model to develop an understanding of number. We added two amounts together using spots on the ladybirds and playing the beanbag game. The children recorded how many beanbags were in the hoop altogether. 

19th January 2018

This week in Reception we have been learning about journeys. We have had lots of fun making our own maps! In the Creative Area we have been painting portraits of Wigan in the style of James Isherwood. We really enjoyed mixing colours!

This week in Reception we have been reading 'Can't you sleep Little Bear?' We used the iPads to explore sources of light and electricity around school. In the Construction Area we made the bear's cave.

This week in Reception we have been learning about Road Safety.