Meet the Staff


Mrs Clarke - class Teacher

Dear Parents and children,

A very warm welcome to St Paul’s from all of the Reception staff.

I will be your teacher and my name is Mrs. Clarke. I can’t wait to meet all of you and have been hearing lots of wonderful things about you already from your nurseries.

I would love to tell you a little about myself as I haven’t had the opportunity to meet you yet! I am a mummy myself of 3 children. I have a daughter called Holly and two sons called Luke and Evan. My children play football, rugby or dancing! We are a very active family and we also have a dog called Freddie. I love spending time outdoors and when you start school you will discover that we spend a lot of time outdoors in the outdoor learning environment.

Mrs. Atherton and Miss. Robinson are also supporting you and helping you to grow throughout your time in Reception. I look forward to seeing you all soon and hope that you enjoy a safe and relaxing summer break.


Mrs Atherton -support teacher

Hello Reception, I am looking forward to meeting you all. I am Mrs Atherton and I will be supporting your class teacher Mrs. Clarke and Miss. Robinson, your class support as well.

I also have a daughter, also called Holly like Mrs. Clarke and I am a family person. I love taking my dog out for walks. His name is Woody. I enjoy looking after my garden and growing lots of flowers and sometimes vegetables.

I look forward to meeting you soon.


Miss Robinson - Teaching Assistant

Hello Reception! I am so looking forward to meeting all of you. My name is Miss. Robinson and I will be your class teaching assistant. I have been hearing lots of exciting things about you all from Mrs. Clarke and can’t wait until you come and join our Reception class.

I would love to share a little bit about myself with you all.  I live on a farm with my mummy and daddy and lots of different animals like, sheep, dogs, horses and cows. I really enjoy riding my horses with my two younger sisters Eva and Katie. I also spend my weekends walking my two dogs Ayda and River, who has just had 7 little puppies.

I look forward to meeting you all very soon and hope that you have a fabulous summer holidays.