Year 6

13th May

This week Year 6 have been working really hard on their SATS papers.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of them – every single one of them tried their best and that is all we can ask of them.  We began each day with tea and toast and a bit of revision then we settled down and took on the tests.

Each and everyone of Year 6 is a superstar and we can now look forward to enjoying the end of primary school together.

Well done everyone.


29th April

This week, in English, we have been continuing with our dystopian story.  We have planned our own story and have started to write it.  We have been really concentrating on making sure that we create a setting with atmosphere and show the personality of our characters.

In Maths, we have been continuing with geometry and learning about angles in triangles and quadrilaterals.

We have also been continuing with our revision and particularly how to subtract fractions from mixed numbers and percentages.

In PE we are learning about orienteering and combined maths and orienteering in one of our lessons.   


22nd April

This week, Year 6 have been working on revision for SATS.

In English, we have been revising the active and passive voice and reminding ourselves what determiners are.

In Maths, we have been practising long division and long multiplication.  We have also been learning about angles on a straight line.  We learned that vertically opposite angles are equal.

We have also been continuing with our book, The Last Wild and thinking about what it would be like if our world had changed completely.

Mr Rigby has been impressed with our resilience.


1st April

This week Year 6 have been revising for the SATS.  We have had a look at the practice papers that we did last week and worked on some of the questions that a lot of people struggled with last week.

In English, we have been practising grammar.  We have really started to understand the passive and active voice.

In Maths, we have been revising fractions and how to add them, multiply and divide them.  We have also been learning more about perimeter and area and have cut up triangles to prove that they can be made into rectangles.  We have learned to find the area and perimeter of rectangles and triangles.

We have had our puberty talks this week and Mr Rigby was very proud of the mature way in which the class engaged in these talks. 

On Wednesday, we went to church for our Easter service and it was lovely to see Reverend Cook.  We wowed him with our singing.  It was lovely to be able to celebrate as a whole school again.

We are looking forward to having a well earned rest over half term and coming back ready to carry on with our revision in preparation for SATS.  Mr Rigby and all of the staff are very proud of the way that Year 6 tackled the practise SATS>


25th March

This week Year 6 have been carrying out some practise assessments in ready for SATS.

Mr Rigby is extremely proud of the mature way in which the children have approached these assessments. 

We have had a few extra breaks to help us to focus.  It has been nice to be able to play on the field for the first time this year.


11th March

This week, Year 6 have continued to enjoy our new book, The Last Wild.  We have learned that the protagonist is in a secure unit and that he can no longer speak.  We have asked ourselves questions about the text and  inferred what the answers could possibly be. 

In Maths, we have moved onto Algebra and we are recognising sequences in shapes and spotting patterns.  We are linking this to Algebra.

In Geography, we have investigated how the use of natural resources has changed over time  and that the rising human population has led to an increase in the use of natural resources.  This has led to deforestation, global warming and other effects on the planet. 

In Design Technology, we have been designing a waistcoat.

In Science, we have started our new topic of electricity and we thought about what could be a source of electricity. We made our own circuits using a battery, wires and a bulb.  We realised that electricity flows from the power source through wires and back to the power source,  If we unclipped one of the wires, we broke the circuit and the bulb would not light.  We also investigated how we could make a light bulb brighter. 

In the picture news this week, we thought about species becoming endangered and learned that the conservation status of Koala Bears has changed from vulnerable to endangered.  This links in with our work on Rainforests last term, when we learned about the effects of deforestation and also our work in geography this term on the distribution of natural resources. 


18th February

This week, Year 6 have written a letter to the Prime Minister at the time, Mr Asquith, explaining why women should have equal rights to men and should have the vote.  They explained that during the war, women had to do the same jobs as men as the men were on the front line.

In Maths, we have started to look at ratio and how we can compare different amounts using the language of ratio and proportion.

In history, we learned about the effect World War I had on the suffrage cause and how women were allowed to join the armed forces and do other jobs.  In part because of this, at the end of World War I, in 1918, women over 30 were allowed to vote for the first time in parliamentary elections.  We also learned that women got equal voting rights to men in 1928.

In Art, we have continued to make masks from Salt dough.

In PE, we have finished our unit on dance. 

 I would like to wish everyone a blessed and peaceful half term so that we all have a well-deserved rest and return to school refreshed. 


4th February

This week, Year 6 have started to look at formal letters.  We learned about how the Suffragettes attacked the postal system to protest for their cause.  We looked at letters written by Suffragettes and how the language was different to modern day.  We have spent a lot of time working out the difference between formal and informal language.

In Maths, we have reminded ourselves about percentages and how per cent means out of 100.  We have looked at the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages.

In History, we learned about different ways in which the Suffragettes were militant.  We looked at propaganda released at the time and used this to decide if everyone supported the Suffragettes’ cause.

In Science, we have been looking at healthy and unhealthy lifestyles and how doing things such as abusing drugs or alcohol can have a detrimental effect on our body.

In PE, we are continuing to put dance moves to protest songs.

In computing, we are learning how to keep ourselves safe on line.

In art, we are continuing to use Graffiti art to express ourselves.


21st January

This week, in Year 6, we have been continuing with our learning about stories with a theme of change.  We have used different techniques to create atmosphere in settings, including metaphors, similes and personification.  Year 6 have created some excellent setting descriptions.

In Maths, we have been looking at converting measurements of length and weight.  We have been looking at the relationship between millimetres, metres centimetres and kilometres  and kilograms and g.  We have been learning about the prefixes milli, kilo and centi.

In History, we have learned that during the suffrage movement, two different approaches were used to get the vote for women.  Some suffrage societies use peaceful and lawful means to achieve their goal.  They were called suffragists.  One society thought that more militant means were required to achieve their goal. They were called suffragettes. 

In Science, we have been continuing to learn about the circulatory system. We have learned about how blood travels around the body and how different blood vessels work.  We also investigated the effect of exercise on heart rates.

In Art, we have learning about how Graffiti art is created and experimenting with our own graffiti art.

In Computing, we have been continuing to learn about online safety.

In PE, we are creating our own dance routine to Protest songs.

In RE, we learned about different people who completed pilgrimages.


14th January 2022

In English, we have started a new book called  The Promise.  We have thought of lots of different words which mean the same as promise and when promises are made. The theme of the story is change and we have been looking at how different events can change things, either for the better or for the worse.  The book is beautifully illustrated and we have been thinking of different ways to use figurative language to paint a picture with words.

In Maths, we have been continuing our work on decimals and have learned how to divide decimals by integers.  We have learned that an integer is any whole number – so not a fraction and not a decimal.

In History, we have started to learn about the Suffragettes.  We learned that Suffrage means the right to vote in Parliamentary elections.  We also learned that, in the mid nineteenth century, women did not have the same rights as men.  We discovered that women could not be a doctor or a lawyer, even if they had been to University.  Women did not have the right to vote; worst of all, we learned that when a woman married, it was like her husband owned her.

In Science, we are starting to learn about the circulatory system.  We investigated what our blood is made up of and discovered that red blood cells carry oxygen, white blood cells fight infection, platelets help blood to clot and plasma is what carries the cells around.

In art, we have been learning about Graffiti art and we learned how to write our name out in Graffiti.

In PE, we have started to learn a dance.  We listened to protest songs and discussed them.

In RE, we are continuing to learn about how Christians prepare for advent.

In ICT, we learned about spreadsheets.

The picture news this week was about out door learning.  We thought about when we go outside for our learning.  We often do this for PE but we also do it for Geography and Art.  Mr Rigby said that he will try to take us outside more for our learning when it is possible.


19th November

This week, Year 6 have been planning and writing a lesson to Boris Johnson regarding climate change.  We talked about the COP26 conference and how it is vital that we work together with other countries to reduce the effects of climate change.  We have used our very best persuasive techniques to convince the Prime Minister that this is a worthy cause.

In Maths, we have been learning how to multiply fractions.  This has been a tricky concept for some pupils to understand so we will continue to think about this moving forward.

In Geography, we have begun to look at animals that are indigenous to the rainforest and decide which layer of the rainforest they would live in based on their characteristics.  We have also thought about how animals have adapted to their habitat.

In Science we looked at Genetically Modified foods and how this has been adapted by man rather than nature.  We looked at how there are benefits to GM foods but it can also cause problems. 

In DT we started to make models of playground equipment from wood. 


12th November

This week, Year 6 have been continuing to look into persuasive techniques.  We have looked at exaggeration, fact as opinion and how we statistics and expert opinion to support our arguments.  We have also written to Mrs Jackson persuading her to let us go to Guatemala on a field trip to learn more about the Mayans. 

In Maths, we have been continuing to learn about fractions and how to convert improper fractions into mixed numbers and back again.  We have also learned how to subtract fractions from mixed number.

In Geography, we have learned about the different layers of the Rainforest and what their function is.  We have learned about the emergent layer, the canopy, the under story and the forest floor.  We also learned that some of the plants have adapted to where they are located in the rainforest which links to what we have been learning in science.

In Science, we are learning about how fossils are formed and what fossils can show us.

In Music, we are learning about rhythm and tempo.

In design technology, we are continuing to consider how our playground design can be improved to ensure that it is safe for our target audience of 3 – 8 year olds.  We have considered what surface can be laid down to prevent injury and how we will keep the children safe inside. 

In PE we have been learning about different shapes that we can make with our bodies in gymnastics and how we can put a routine together moving from one shape to another.

Thursday was remembrance day and we did a class collective worship to think about all those people who have been affected by war.  We thought about those who had died, those who had returned from war with mental and physical disabilities, people who have lost loved ones and people who have had to leave their homes because of war.  We read the poem Dulce et Decorum est and discussed how the government made the war seem ‘Sweet and Fitting’ but the reality is that it was brutal and savage.  At 11am, the whole school listened to the last post and then we had a two minutes silence to commemorate those who have been affected by war.


5th November

Year 6 have come after half term ready to learn and full of beans.

In English, we are starting to look at persuasive writing.  Our text for this Unit is ‘Can we save the Tiger’ and it is a non-fiction text about endangered animals.  We have been reading some persuasive letters and learning some persuasive techniques.  I wonder if the children will try any of these techniques out on the adults at home.

In maths, we are moving onto fractions and this week we have been learning about simplifying fractions and equivalent fractions.  Ask your child how you can simplify fractions or find equivalent fractions.  If a half is equal to two quarters, what would a half be in tenths?   It they need any practise, they could watch this White Rose Maths video.

In RE, we are continuing to learn about journeys and pilgrimage and this week we have learned about a special journey in Islam called the Hajj.  It is a pilgrimage that Muslims make to Mecca, their holy city.

In D & T, we were designing a playground for Key Stage 1 children and this week we made a prototype.

In computing, we were learning about keeping safe online; we created a game to help.

 I music, we recapped our learning from last term and played the guitars.

In PE, we have started to learn about gymnastics; this week we created a simple routine in pairs and groups of three.

In Geography, we have been learning about climate zones and where rainforests are located in the world.

 We have revamped our library and we hope that this will help children to be really enthusiastic about learning. 

In Science, we are starting to learn about inheritance and adaptation.  We learned how fossils are made and what they can tell us.


21st October

This week Year 6 have been on an adventure.  We found ourselves at the edge of a Rainforest in Guatemala; we had to decide what things we could take with us in our backpacks.    We used machetes to cut through the dense undergrowth and had to cross a river to avoid some deadly rainforest animals.  On the other side we collected dry wood and used our flint to start a fire to dry our clothes.  We then came across a house made of corrugated iron.  Inside was a little girl who was very upset.  She told us that she was descended from Mayans but had been adopted by a Spanish family.  She was upset because they had told her that the Maya had been forgotten by everyone because they were primitive.  Luckily we have been learning all about the Maya and we all wrote non-chronological reports to show her what their accomplishments were.  She was so happy when she learned just how marvellous the Maya were.

In Maths, we have been learning how to use our skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to solve problems.    It has been lovely to see some of our less confident mathematicians really come alive and understand maths in context.

We have done our assessment on the Maya and Mr Rigby has been impressed with what the class can remember.  Mr Rigby was also blown away by how much we have learned in Science.

We have done our computing assessment on gaming.

We are all looking forward to a nice break so that we can come back after half term and carry on with our learning.

We have finished our learning on Pilgrimages and have learned about the Hajj in Islam.


15th October

This week, we were supposed to be going to Robinwood.  Although we are sad that we couldn’t go this week, we are looking forward to going at the end of November.

At the beginning of the week, we followed our positive footprints curriculum, learning about possible career choices.  We learned about what skills we currently have and what skills we will need in the future in order to be successful in any job that we may undertake.  We will be taking part in a career carousel where people will come in to talk to us about different aspects of their jobs.

In English, we continued to learn the skills we will need to write a non-chronological report:  this week we learned about using colons accurately and gathering information for a report.

In Maths, we have been learning about problem solving using all four operations.

In History, we learned about why the Mayan culture declined

As it is Black History Month, we have leaned about Malala Yousafzai and how her world was turned upside down when the Taliban took over her region of Pakistan.  We learned that she stood up for herself and others and became the youngest person ever to received the Novel peace prize. 

In RE, as part of our learning about journeys, we learned about pilgrimages and particularly the Pilgrimage to Bethlehem.  We learned why people go on pilgrimages.

In art, we were evaluating our pieces of work.

This week we had our virtual Harvest service and it was wonderful to sing along with Mr Carty and the guitar and think about people who are less fortunate than ourselves.  We were also encouraged to ask our parents to donate anything they can to the food banks in the region.



1st October

This week Year 6 have started to write their own stories from another culture.  They have been including all of the skills that they have learned from our lessons so far to write a really interesting story.

In Maths, we have continued to learn about long multiplication and  have started to look at long division.  It is a difficult concept to get your head round at first but we are going to have some smaller practise groups next week for those people who do not feel as confident.

In history, we looked at the darker side of the Maya and learned that they use to perform ritual sacrifices.  We had to decide whether they were savages or if they were civilised.  There was a bit of debate in class and we were split.  Some of us thought that they were savages because they captured slaves and sacrificed them but others thought that they were civilised because they were astronomers and invented new ways of farming.

In Art, we continued to use carve Styrofoam tiles to create patterns.

In RE we are learning about life as a journey and looking at important milestones in our school life and also our spiritual life, such as baptism. 

In the big picture we looked at the effect people have on the planet.  We thought about natural disasters and why they happen.  We also though that after a disaster, there is often a time of hope.  After the biblical flood, God gave us the rainbow as a sign of hope.  Recently, during the pandemic, the rainbow symbol was used to show our gratitude to the NHS and as a symbol of hope for life after the pandemic. 

We thought about acronyms using the word hope.  Here were some of the ideas.  Help Our People Everywhere, Help Our People Eat, Help Our Planet Earth and Help Our Pain End.


24th September

This week, Year 6 have continued to learn about stories from other cultures.  We are looking at how the setting of a story in the rainforest would be different from a setting in this country.  We have been thinking of using different grammatical devices to help with our setting and character description.

In Maths, we have looked at the order of operations; Ask your child what BODMAS means.  Can they tell what each initial of the acronym stands for?  Also we have begun to learn long multiplication.

In history, we have learned about Mayan daily life and looked at the hierarchy of Mayan society.  We learned that poorer families lived in one-roomed houses and that most people were farmers.  There were also warriors, craftsmen and priests as well as the ruler.  We also learned that the Mayan states used to trade with each other.

In Science, we are continuing to learn about classifying animals and have learned how to use a branching key to classify animals which are similar.

In art, we have used our zentangle designs to make a printing block out of Styrofoam and created repeated patterns.

In music, we have been practising our songs for Harvest.

In computing we have used 2code to learn how to create a game. 

We have been learning ball skills in PE.

We have been learning about extreme weather conditions and how it affects other people.  We had a debate about climate change.

We have also chosen our representatives for different councils:

Harry and Klaudia are our school council representatives.

Rowan, Noah and Maisie are our Eco Warriors.

Lucas and Kai are our ethos representatives.

Ryan is our sports council representative.

Enter text...

10th September

It has been wonderful to welcome the children back into school this Year. The children seem to have really grown over the break and have settled into Year 6 extremely well.

Just a reminder to parents that homework will be given out on Fridays and should be returned to school by the following Tuesday.  We have got a new Spelling scheme and the children are currently being baselined.  The first spellings will come home on Friday 17 September and the first spelling test will take place on Friday 26th September.  The New scheme has an online element which means that children can practise their spellings on a computer or tablet.

In respect of reading, it is important for the children to read everyday and have their diary signed by a parent.  In Y6, we do not necessarily expect parents to listen to children read, but please encourage them to do so as reading opens up the world for everyone.  Talk to your child about their book and ask them questions about it.    The children are also required to use the rising stars login to complete on line reading and complete the quizzes. 

We continue to use TT Rock stars and again, please encourage your child to logon and practise their times tables.

We will have PE on Wednesday and Thursday.

This week, we have started our learning about the Maya civilisation.  In English, we are reading a story set in the Maya culture and we are learning through this how the people lived.  In history, we have investigated what the Maya are famous for and have discovered that they had their own alphabet and used an organised number system.  They are one of the first cultures to recognise the concept of Zero.  I think that the most interesting fact discovered by the children is that the Maya were the first recorded culture to use chocolate as a food source.

In Maths, we are learning about place value up to ten million and are comparing different numbers.  Mr Rigby has been very impressed with how much Year 6 have remembered from last year.  

In art this week we have been learning about zentangle puzzles and how they are used to relax the mind.

In Music, we have been listening to pieces of music and drawing pictures based on the sounds. 

We are fast approaching the Robinwood trip.  The school office have asked me to remind parents that the trip must be paid in full before we go.   If you have any queries regarding this, please speak to the school office on 01942 243068


16th July

Year 6 have had another positive week where they have earned their last reward of an own clothes day after collecting enough 'blessings in a jar.' Well done for working so well together!

Even though this has been our last week of work, Y6 have made sure that they have been as focussed as always and worked hard. We are all looking forward to next week when we will start to relax and enjoy the last few days together in primary school. We have lots of fun activities planned such as a cinema morning, a party and even a last lunch time in the hall! 

Y6 you have been a fantastic class. I know that I can speak for both myself and Mrs Fletcher when I say it has been a pleasure to teach you and see you get ready to move onto the next chapters of your lives. I am certain that no matter where you go, or what you do, you will all be really successful! Let's have a brilliant last few days Y6 before having a well earned summer holiday! 


9th July

We have had another great week in Y6. The children who are going to the Deanery High School went to look around and meet their head of year. They enjoyed discovering what life at high school will be like. It was lovely to see how excited they are to move onto the next chapter of their lives.

Also, we had a visit from Mrs Holland, the head of Y7 at Hawkley Hall High School. She met with the children who will be joining her there in September. She was able to reassure any children who felt worried and answer all questions they had. 

We have also planned how we will spend our last few days in primary school. The class are looking forward to lots of fun activities to end their time at primary school in a really positive way.


2nd July

This week has been assessment week in Y6. Everybody has tried their very best to show us just what they are capable of. Even though some questions were particularly tricky, it did not stop anyone from being resilient and giving it a good try. Well done Y6. You should all be proud of yourselves. 

We enjoyed completing a research project linked to our Geography topic. The focus was on 'Natural Disasters.' Some amazing work was produced and lots of interesting facts were learned about sink holes, tsunamis, avalanches and more. 


25th June
In Maths this week, Y6 have been learning how to calculate the mean. This is an average of a set of data. Once we mastered the skills of calculating the mean, we then applied our knowledge to solve problems. We have then moved onto looking at Pie Charts in our Statistics unit of work.
In English, we have been reading more of 'A Beautiful Lie.' We have built up to write a recount of the events in the book which led to a lie being told. We are excited to complete our extended write tomorrow.
In Geography, we began looking at floods and how they occur. We used Digimaps to focus on our local area to discuss how and why flooding happens. As Geographers, we used our map skills to locate problem areas in Wigan.
Online High School transitions have taken place this week for some high schools. There has been a lot of excitement to meet future teachers and find out what life will be like once they get to high school - which is not far away now!


18th June

It has been another great week of learning here in Y6.

In Maths, we have completed our Geometry work by making nets of 3D shapes. It was particularly challenging when having to measure specific lengths and angles. Next week, we will be moving on to look at statistics.

In English, we have written a diary entry as the main character in the book we are reading in class, 'A Beautiful Lie.' I have been very impressed with the description included in each diary entry.

On Wednesday, we managed to reach our target for our 'Blessings in a jar.' So on Wednesday afternoon, we had our treat of extra time on the field. It was a lovely way to end a busy day. Now we looking forward to earning our blessings for the next reward...


11th June

Y6 have had a great week back after half term. In English, we have started a new novel called, 'A Beautiful lie' which is set in India in 1947 during the partition. We have been busy researching about what partition was and why it happened.

In Maths, we have been continuing our work on Geometry, in particular using protractors to measure and draw angles and then accurately drawing shapes. 

Thursday was a busy day for us this week as we had Classroom Kitchen where we had the opportunity to be creative to design and make our own mini pizzas. The final dishes were impressive; they were enjoyed by everyone. We definitely have some future chefs in our class!

We also had Sport's Day in the afternoon which was great fun! There was a great sense of team spirit as all children tried their best and really enjoyed themselves. Well done Y6!


28th May

Y6 have been writing their biographies about the author Piers Torday who wrote 'The Last Wild.' Unfortunately, this will be our last week focussing on this text. It is a shame that we have to stop reading this book as everyone has really enjoyed it. However, we have discovered that there are 2 other books in this series and the prequel is due to be released later this year. It would be amazing to see some of the class

In Maths, we are looking at geometry, in particular angles in shapes. We have had lots of shape related facts to remember which helps us to calculate missing angles. This unit of work will continue after half term.

We have concluded our History topic about the Normans this week. After half term, we will have a Geography focus looking at 'Angry Earth' where we will learn about natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes and floods.

Year 6 have worked so hard this term. They definitely deserve a rest next week so they come back refreshed and raring to go for their last few weeks in primary school. Happy half term Y6!


21st May

In English this week, Y6 have started researching information about the author Piers Torday. He wrote the book, 'The Last Wild' that we have been reading this half term. We will be using this information to write a biography of his life.

In Maths, we have completed our unit of work on area, perimeter and volume and will now be moving on to angles. Y6 are working really hard, particularly when applying their Maths knowledge to reason and problem solve.

In PSHCEE this week, we have been discussing our future goals and dreams. We then thought about the things we need to be doing now in order to achieve those goals. Y6 have impressed me with their ambition. I look forward to hearing about the success of the future footballers, authors, animators, designers and more!


14th May

Y6 have had, yet again, another great week of learning. In English, we are continuing with the book 'The Last Wild.' We have been busy editing and redrafting the story that we wrote last week. It was fantastic to see so many children enjoying writing and wanting to write as much as possible.

In Maths, we have finished the unit on area of various shapes and now we will be moving onto the next unit of volume. 

As it is Mental Health Awareness Week, we have discussed what mental health is and the '5 steps to Wellbeing.' Using this information, we made our own Youtube style videos to share what people can do to look after their mental health. 

This week is Mrs Fletcher's last week teaching the class remotely before she begins her maternity leave. I believe I speak for all of year 6 when I say she will be missed immensely and we all wish her good luck as she begins this exciting adventure of parenthood.


7th May

Y6 have had a short yet busy week. In English, they have been planning and writing their own dystopian story. There has been a lot of interest and excitement to create their own. I am looking forward to reading the final drafts!

In Maths, we have now completed the algebra unit and we have moved onto looking at area and perimeter. 

In PE, we were lucky enough with the weather to enjoy another afternoon on the field learning the rules of rounders and putting them into practise. I have been impressed with the excellent team work and co-operative spirit shown when playing.

On Friday, Y6 are looking forward to applying their knowledge of light and angles to design and make a periscope. Pictures will follow on Class dojo.

30Th April

Y6 have been continuing to focus on the book, 'The Last Wild' in English. The class have worked hard to do some descriptive writing for a setting in a dystopian story.

In Maths, Y6 have been focussing on algebra. I have been impressed with the determination and resilience when finding solutions to problems.

In PE, we all enjoyed an afternoon playing rounders yesterday even though it was a little bit chilly!

Today, we will be taking part in Classroom Kitchen where we will be making Dutch Apple Crumble. We are all looking forward to learning new cooking skills. Pictures will follow on Class Dojo.


23rd April

This week Year 6 have had a busy week getting back into their learning. In Maths, we have continued to work on Alegbra, focussing on writing algebraic expressions and looking at function machines. In English, we have started a new novel called ‘The Last Wild’. We will be writing dystopian stories set in the future based on this.

In History, we have started a new topic on The Normans. In our first lesson we looked at suitable candidates to take over the throne from Edward the Confessor. We discussed their strengths and weaknesses as leaders and kings. In Science, we are beginning our new unit on Light and are thinking about vocabulary such as ‘vacuum’, ‘opaque’, translucent’ and ‘transparent’. We also completed our PSHCEE learning on Puberty this week.



26th March

This week we started to plan for our non-chronological reports on Mongolia. Due to the bubble closure, we had to complete these at home but still put lots of effort into them. 

In Maths, we have been learning about scale factors and solving problems related to scale factor increases and decreases. We are completing our assessments this week. 


19th March

Year 6 have been busy this continuing their work on Ratio – we have used the bar method to tackle some really tricky ratio and proportion problems. In English we have been practising the skills involved for writing a non-chronological report, including using different types of punctuation to mark parenthesis, adding extra information with relative clauses and using semi colons to link sentences.

In Geography, we have been studying the modes of transport for the movement of natural resources in the past. We have used an online tool called Digimaps to explore the local area, following the Leeds Liverpool canal and marking the route using four figure grid references. A very busy and productive week!


12th March 2021

This week, Year 6 have been settling back into class. It’s been so great to be back in class with our friends. We have started to think about wellbeing and the 5 steps – in PSHCE, we are making a short documentary to teach others about the 5 steps to wellbeing. We have got straight back into our learning. We’ve started work on non-chronological reports for English and we are continuing our work on Ratio in Maths. In Geography, we have been using 4 figure grid references to identify landmarks in our local area. A very busy and productive week in Year 6!


11th December

This week Year 6 have been writing stories on the theme of change. We read a book called ‘The Promise’ about how one small act can transform a city. We have mind mapped ideas about how we can adapt the story to create our own. So far, Year 6 have had some fantastic ideas and have written some brilliant setting descriptions. In Maths, we have continued learning about decimals and we have been converting fractions into decimals using division. In Geography and Science this week we will have our assessments to finish our learning about The Rainforest and Evolution and Inheritance. In PE, we played bucket ball which was lots of fun.

4th December

This week Year 6 have completed their work on fractions and will be moving onto a new unit in decimals. In English, we have started to explore a story called ‘The Promise’. We have identified the theme of change and looked at how the author creates atmosphere through the language in the text. Next week, we will use this to help write our own stories.  In Geography, we have been learning about the layers of the Rainforest. In RE, we are continuing our work on how Christians prepare for Christmas. A very busy and productive week!

27th November

This week Year 6 have been working very hard on their assessments. Everyone has given their best efforts – well done! In Geography, we have been building on our work on biomes and have started to study climate zones. We used the Atlases to locate different countries and work out which climate zone they are located within. In RE, we are continuing our work on how Christians prepare for Christmas. This week, we will be looking at the importance of the Prophets in the Old Testament.  A very busy week!

20th November

This week, Year 6 have been working very hard on their fractions unit learning to multiply and divide fractions. They have done excellently with this and are becoming really confident with all elements of calculating with fractions. In English, Y6 have been writing persuasive arguments about why it is important to protect tigers and the impact their extinction would have on the planet. They have used lots of features of persuasion effectively, such as: the rule of three; emotive language and rhetorical questions to encourage the reader to think. On Friday, the results of the Year 6 competition will be announced. There have been some fantastic entries already – good luck everyone!

Mrs Fletcher

13th November

This week Year 6 have been practising the skills to write their own Persuasive Argument about why it is important that tigers are protected. We have practised the skills of writing rhetorical questions and we have researched facts about endangered tigers. In Maths, we have continued our learning on fractions, building upon the skills of ordering and comparing fractions to adding and subtracting them. An exciting competition has been launched in Year 6 this week where we have the opportunity to win a prize for the best persuasive poster. We have started our new learning about the Rainforest. A super busy but productive week in Year 6.

6th November

This week Year 6 have been learning about Persuasive Writing. We have been analysing the structure of persuasive arguments and looking at features such as adverbials for cohesion, rhetorical questions and the use of data and statistics to strengthen in argument. In Maths, we have started our new unit of Fractions. We have be learning to simplify fractions and comparing and ordering them. On Thursday we are completing our Classroom Kitchen lesson, cooking Jambalaya which we are very excited about!

23rd October

This week Year 6 have finished the learning about the Mayan Civilisation. This week we have been exploring the reasons why the Mayan Civilisation eventually fell apart. In Maths, we have continued our work on BODMAS using the order of operations to solve calculations. In English, we have been focussing on poetry, looking at the features of poems, rhythm and rhyme.


16th October

Y6 have been continuing to work hard to research and write their non chronological reports about the Mayans. They have produced some high quality writing which they are all very proud of. 

In Maths, their focus has been on multiples, factors and prime numbers. Again, they have worked very hard and impressed me with their dedication to their learning.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting on the results for our class Science experiment about the conditions in which mould grows. Hopefully we will be able to share our findings next week.

The whole class have continued to impress me with their behaviour, enthusiasm and work ethic. Well done Y6 - Keep it up!


9th October

Y6 have had a busy productive week working with Mrs Cash. The focus in English has been non-chronological reports about the Mayans. In Maths, they have been working hard to master division and apply their skills to problem solve. 

In PE, they had a go at playing a Mayan game called 'pitz' which is similar to volleyball. They enjoyed working as a team to practise the skills needed to win.

In Science, they have started an experiment to investigate the conditions where mould will grow. We will let you know our results next week.

Y6 have impressed Mrs Cash with their hard work, positive attitudes towards learning and excellent behaviour. Well done! 

2nd October

This week in Year 6 we have had assessment week so we have been very busy with our tests. We have all worked really hard and put our best efforts into them and Mrs Fletcher has been impressed by the level of effort and concentration. In our worship on Thursday, we thought about God’s kingdom and how we can be ambassadors of this. We reflected and made a list of things we could do in school, such as helping others and showing kindness and compassion. In PSHCEE, we have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe online and have created our own e-safety pledges. A very busy week!


25th September

In Year 6 this week we have been writing Mayan Narratives. We have read ‘Rain Player’ and spent the last couple of weeks building up the skills we need to write a successful in narrative. In Maths, we have continued our work on mental addition and subtraction. In History this week, we have been learning about the reasons why the Mayan Empire flourished for so long – we sorted the reasons according to what we thought were the most important. This generated lots of interested discussion! A very busy and productive week in Year 6.

18th September

This week in year 6 we have been learning about our new History topic, the Maya. We have been introduced to Mayan culture and we have learned about the hierarchy of the Mayan people. In Maths we have completed our work on Place Value and moved onto the four operations. In English we have been practising the skills to help us to write our own Mayan narrative based on our class text, ‘Rain Player’.  A very busy but productive week in Year 6.

6th March 2020

This week, Year 6 have started to learn about the poem Jabberwocky.  This poem has nonsense words in it and Year 6 have had fun deciding what they might mean.  They have also written descriptions of possible settings for Jabberwocky and what the Jabberwock might look like.


In Maths, we have continued our learning about angles and have also learned about 3D shapes.


On world book day,  lots of us dressed up as some of our famous characters.  We had Professor Dumbledore, Mario and Luigi, Katniss Everdeen, Yoda, Matilda, Aristocats, Fawkes the phoenix, Harry Potter and many more.  We even had a visit from one of the characters from our history topic of the Suffragettes, Emmeline Pankhurst. 

This week, Year 6 have started to learn about the poem Jabberwocky.  This poem has nonsense words in it and Year 6 have had fun deciding what they might mean.  They have also written descriptions of possible settings for Jabberwocky and what the Jabberwock might look like.


In Maths, we have continued our learning about angles and have also learned about 3D shapes.


On world book day,  lots of us dressed up as some of our famous characters.  We had Professor Dumbledore, Mario and Luigi, Katniss Everdeen, Yoda, Matilda, Aristocats, Fawkes the phoenix, Harry Potter and many more.  We even had a visit from one of the characters from our history topic of the Suffragettes, Emmeline Pankhurst. 

28th February 2020

This week, Year 6 are imagining that they are suffragettes and have written a letter to the Prime Minister in 1917, David Lloyd George.  They have also discovered this week that women over 30 finally won the vote in 1918.  During the war, women’s contributions to the war effort were recognised.


To further their knowledge of how people have been discriminated against, the children have started to learn about protest songs this week.


On Wednesday, all of the school went to church for the Ash Wednesday service.  Reverend Mark told us all about how Jesus was tempted in the desert and how he resisted those temptations.  We all thought about what we can give up for Lent or what extra things we can do for others during lent.   


14th February 2020

This week, Reverend Mark came into Year 6 to discuss the Eucharist and how it is a representation of the Last Supper. Year 6 recreated the Eucharist using bread and Vimto which represented the body and blood of Christ. .  Reverend Mark showed the stole, which is like a long scarf, that he uses when he gives communion.

Year 6 also designed an Eco-Friendly home using solar panels and plant instead of televisions and other technology.

We have continued in our learning about the Suffragettes, and have learned about how World War 1 affected the suffrage cause.  In art, we have continued to use pop art to explore the suffragettes’ world , drawing of pictures of notable suffragettes and words associated with their cause.

In Maths, we have moved onto volume of 3D shapes and have solved some tricky problems using area and volume.

7th February 2020

This week, year 6 have been learning about perimeter and area of shapes.  We have been investigating how to find the area and shape of triangles, rectangles and parallelograms.    In English, we have been learning about writing letters in a formal style and have been retelling events that happened to the Suffragettes during their fight for the vote.      In Art, we have been carrying on with our learning about Roy Lichtenstein and his use of pop art.  To link it to our work on the Suffragettes, we have drawn portraits of famous suffragettes and decorated them in the pop-art style.    It has been interesting in science learning how living things are classified and what the Latin names for every day species.


31st January 2020

This week we have been continuing with our history topic of the Suffragettes.

Year 6 have been extremely interested in this topic and have been comparing some original posters that were published at the time to understand how some people supported the Suffragette’s cause, whilst some people were against it.

To help us understand what is was like to live at the time, we have studied a letter that was written by one the of the Suffragettes.  We have then written our own letter explaining how the Suffragettes were treated.

Today, as it is the day when Britain officially leaves the European Union, we have had a discussion about what this means for our country and why it has happened.  Mr Rigby was really impressed with the views of some of our pupils.  They have a really good understanding of current affairs.

In Maths we have learned about ratio and have now moved onto measurements.  Year 6 are becoming more resilient in their learning which is wonderful to see.

13th December 2019

This week, Year 6 have been completing their persuasive argument against deforestation.  They have thought really carefully about how to put together a persuasive article using facts and evidence to back up their opinions.

This week, we have also opened our Christmas stall and two of our pupils, Charlotte and Callum, have been working really hard to help Miss Roscoe to run the stall.

We had a treat on Wednesday, as the team from ‘Open the Book’ joined us for Wednesday Worship and the children joined in with the retelling of the Nativity Story. On the run up to Christmas, we have had Coverdale puppets in to tell us the true meaning of Christmas and not to forget Hawkley Hall pupils who performed not one but two pantomimes for the whole school (Oh no they didn’t!)


6th December 2019

"We have had another busy week in Year 6. In Maths, we started to learn the basics of algebra. We found this a bit tricky but we kept going! In English, we have been looking at persuasive writing for an argument. We wrote an introduction to our own argument about school uniforms. In Art, we used our Mayan tiles to do observational drawings. We used pencils and oil pastels to add colour. We also designed our own Mayan mask." Evie and Kyle


29th November 2019

"This week has been very busy in Year 6. After school on Monday some of us took part in the Christmas Fayre. Our stall was a lucky dip stall. We had lots of fun going to all the stalls! Also on Monday an author and illustrator came into school to teach us about his career. He inspired us to dream big!" Lyla and Jenny


22nd November 2019

"This week Year 6 have had a very busy week. On Monday the Mad Science Roadshow came into school and showed us experiments linked to the Olympics. Our favourite experiment was when we tested which ball had the best air resistance. In Maths, we have been learning about decimals and fractions. We are looking forward to the Christmas Fayre on Monday and taking part in all the stalls." Lily-May


In Art this week Year 6 have painted their Mayan tiles and have made poppies for Remembrance Sunday. In Maths, the fractions topic has been tricky, but with perseverance they can now add and subtract them efficiently. 


1st November 2019

Year 6 enjoyed their visit from Classroom Kitchen, brushing up on their cutting skills to produce a very tasty Jambalya, which was devoured by them! Maths has been quite tricky as the topic is fractions but the children are making good progress.They have also wrote excellent expanded noun phrases and personification sentences to create a different atmosphere in English.


18th October 2019

This week we have had another busy week in Year 6. In Art we completed our Mayan inspired clay tile and we are looking forward to painting them after half term. On Wednesday we celebrated Harvest in Church. We donated tins of food and gave thanks for what we have. 


27th September 2019

'This week we have had a very busy week in Year 6. On Monday in PE we had a handball tournament in the hall and the red bib team won. Well done Reds! In Art we designed our own Christmas Card, our theme this year is Silent Night. In Maths we have started to learn about BODMAS. We found out it stands for Brackets, Order, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction. In Science we continued to learn about light. We enjoyed using torches to explore opaque, transparent and translucent objects.' Ella, Lyla and Jenny

14th June 2019

This week in English we started to write a balanced argument about whether Origami Yoda can predict the future or not. We had  to take into account both points of view.

In Maths we have continued our work on percentages. We have worked hard to turn fractions into percentages, we have also turned percentages into a decimal number.

On Monday afternoon the Science Roadshow came to school and taught us about electricity. We watched lots of demonstrations and even took part in some of them. Our favourite part was when the scientist made wallpaper out of bin bags! To do this we had to rub a woolly jumper along the bin bag 30 times and then place it on the wall. Static energy was made. The static energy made the bin bag stay on the wall for nearly an hour. It was a rally fun show!


7th June 2019

In English this week we have started to read our new book 'Origami Yoda'. We have enjoyed listening to the different entries which are trying to convince us that Origami Yoda can predict the future. We came up with for and against ideas if Origami Yoda is real.

In Maths we started working on our new topic Percentages and Decimals. 

In Art we have been looking at Saxon armour. We have started designing and making our own Saxon helmet.


10th May 2019

This week in Year 5 we have planned and wrote our own stories including using the past perfect and past progressive tense and including adverbial phrases. In maths we have been converting fractions into decimals. We also planned our own science experiments around forces. 


3rd May 2019

This week in Year 5 we have been learning about decimals in maths.

We have been reading 'The Firebird', learning about different tenses, writing multi-clausal sentences, adding suffixes to nouns and adjectives to create verbs, using the subjunctive mood to give advice in a letter and exploring synonyms and antonyms.

In topic, we wrote secret messages in ancient Saxon writing.

We began our science topic - forces. We discovered we already knew quite a lot! We identified gravity, upthrust (buoyancy), driving force, air resistance, water resistance, friction.


29th March 2019

At the start of the week all the children enjoyed an assembly all about water safety and celebrating their sporting achievements.

This week year 5 have been working hard on our assessments. The children have shown real resilience and determination to do their best.

We have also created some Egyptian inspired sketches in Art and we have been orienteering in P.E.


22nd March 2019

This week in Year five we have written diary entries in role as Michael from Kensuke’s Kingdom. The children have done some drama, acting out a conversation to get in to character for their writing. In Maths we have begun subtracting mixed numbers with unlike denominators using bar models. In Science we have created lunar path models and explain to one and other how we see the moon at different stages.


15th March 2019

In English this week we have started our new book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom.’  The children have written balanced arguments about whether or not a sailing adventure around the world would be a good idea. In R.E we have a special visit from Reverend Mark, who taught us all about the Easter story and the stations of the cross, the children acted out each station and wrote a newspaper article about a station of their choice. In science we have learnt all about time zones and the reasons why different countries have day and night at different times!


8th March 2019

This week in English Year 5 have been writing non-chronological reports about the ancient Egyptians. Miss Saunders has been very impressed with their research and the presentation of their findings! It has also been world book day, in our class we did a book scavenger hunt and discussed all the different types of books we enjoy. In Maths we are still working hard on fractions, this week adding and subtracting (even fractions with unlike denominators).


1st March 2019

This week in Year 5, we have been ordering and comparing fractions in Maths. We have been learning the mummification process and writing clear instructions in History.

In Art we made Egyptian neck collars and made a friendship signpost for the friendship garden.


15th February 2019

This week in Year five we have been investigating fractions. The children have been converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa. They managed to prove this with equipment and even move on to mathematical ways to convert more efficiently. We have also finished our class book and written a review of the parts we liked best – we are very ready for next term!


8th February 2019

This week Year 5 worked with the NSPCC and took part in a  'Speak Out. Stay Safe' workshop and assembly. During the workshop the children were encouraged to discuss how to stay safe and who to turn to if they need help. 


1st February 2019

This week in Year 5 we have had a workshop all about Islam and had the opportunity to handle and investigate artefacts. The children made impressive presentations about their learning.

We have also been writing stories of our own in English and practicing our editing skills. Miss Saunders is excited to read the endings of our stories next week.


25th January 2019

This week in Year 5 we have been planning our own stories about time travel, we have been inspired by (spoiler alert) Topher and his adventures through time. We have investigated verbs and adverbs and what makes them effective; we will be using these in our writing next week! In History we have been learning about how pyramids were made and studying the chronology of ancient Egyptian dynasties.


18th January 2019

This week in Year 5 week we have been multiplying using a variety of methods – we used the grid method, long multiplication and partitioning.

In science we have been digging in to our topic of Earth and space; we looked at the order and features of the planets in our solar system. In English we have been planning and writing Diary entries, in role, as ‘Ka’ the stone cat which has come to life!  


11th January 2019

This week in Maths we have been dividing using short written method and estimating using the inverse operation.

We have begun our new science Topic ‘earth and space’ and have analysed evidence for Flat earth vs spherical earth theories.

We started a new Egyptian themed book in English ‘The time travelling cat’ by Julia Jarman – “We really like this book so far, it’s about a boy called Topher and mystical cat which oddly looks like a carving Topher’s Mum gave to him before she died.” Ellie  & Mia.


21st December 2018

This week Year 5 have enjoyed our Advent Service, the singing was beautiful!

We have also had a lot of fun with our Christmas Party. We played lots of games and danced to our favourite Christmas tunes.

Of course, we have done a lot of practice with long multiplication too!


14th December 2018

This week in Year 5 we have been learning about marine animals in English, we created a setting description from a divers perspective of a coral reef. Due to the fact that we are learning about marine life, we have also enjoyed parts of ‘Blue Planet’.

In Maths we have been learning about long multiplication and looking at the various ways we can present it. Charlotte's tip “If you are multiplying by a round ten, you put a place holder in the ones column to make your answer ten times greater from the start."


7th December 2018

This week in Year 5, we have been enjoying classroom kitchen again. We made fish cakes with potato, spring onions, tuna and breadcrumbs with parsley. We will send the recipes home if you’d like to have another try!


30th November 2018

This week Year five have been really focusing on their Maths. We have investigated factors and prime numbers, creating factor bugs and slugs! Ask Year five and they will explain. We have also produced our second draft of balanced arguments and Miss Saunders was very impressed with the passion that the children had about the topic of saving the rainforest.

23rd November 2018

In Year five this week, we have debated as a class the pros and cons of palm oil farming. The children researched both sides of the argument and practiced listening, responding and effectively countering each other’s point. We have written this up into a balanced argument.


16th November 2018

In Art this week we have looked at tigers of the rainforest and created sketches based on the artist Henry Rousseau. In Science we have been looking at different types of reproduction in plants. In English we have written our own magazine articles about deforestation, it’s impact on the rainforest and what we can do to save it save it.

In Maths we have been looking at different types of data, such as line graphs and conversion charts, and learning how to interpret it.

9th November2018

This week Year 5 have been planning a Science investigation to find out what the most vital need of a living thing is. The children came up with the investigation question themselves.


2nd November 2018

Year 5 have had a  very busy first week back.

This week in Science we have been learning about different food chains. We have really enjoyed studying food chains. Our favourite food chain was sea weed - fish - shark.