Year 1

Congratulations Sophina, this week Mr Stuck will be going home with you. This week Sophina really pushed herself to add more detail to her writing after she had completed what was asked. Well done Sophina!


21st June 2019

We have had a very healthy week in Reception this week. The Active Living Team came into school and we ran 'The Daily Mile.' We really enjoyed making smoothies on the smoothie bike and then made more smoothies in class. We held our own 'Mini Olympics' after Matt Leigh an Olympic Athlete came into school.


14th June 2019

On Monday the Science Roadshow came to school to demonstrate scientific experiments. We worked together to make scientific predictions. It was great fun! We have been reading traditional stories and acting them out in the Role Play area. Our favourite story was Red Riding Hood. We created collages of the forest and the characters from the story and we wrote our own story based on Red Riding Hood. In the Maths area we explored repeated patterns and made our own using beads and threads. In Construction we created Grandmas cottage and set the scene from the story. 


7th June 2019

This week we have been setting up our Garden Centre and enjoyed a flower number hunt. We have been writing lots of signs, labels and price tags for the shop. We have also written warning signs to help the 'Tiny Seed' to survive in the story and enjoyed our mini beast hunt.



24th May 2019

This week we have been learning the 'ear'sound in Phonics and have been on a listening walk to record what our ears can hear.

We are doing a super job at looking after our plants! The children will be taking them home over the holidays. Great teamwork from the children, working together to make a car wash for our scooters and working together to make cress sandwiches using the cress we had grown. 

17th May 2019

This week we have been discovering what our seeds need to grow. We have been creating repeating patterns in Maths and learning about halving and sharing into equal groups. We worked brilliantly as part of a team to transport the soil for our seeds, exploring ramps and working together, listening to each others ideas.


10th May 2019

This week we have been very busy planting a variety of different seeds. The children wrote lists of what they would need to plant a seed and put the instructions of how to plant it in order of sequence. We made beautiful and magical gardens in Construction, writing labels for our designs. In Maths we have been learning about halving and sharing into equal groups.


3rd May 2019

We have been continuing to learn about St George. We built castles in Construction and made shields which we had to design and pay for and did lots of measuring the height and width of St George's cross. We celebrated with a traditional English tea party. The children learned about halves and quarters by making cakes and sandwiches. We loved paying for our food when we had a buffet at the end of the week.


5th April 2019

This week the children estimated how many pine cones they could fit on the Easter egg. Then they counted the actual amount. We made Easter bouquets by arranging 10 flowers and leaves and adding them together. We measured the Easter cross using cubes and adding the height and width. The children really enjoyed going on an Easter egg hunt, ordering the eggs to 30 and counting out the correct number of natural objects to match.

Happy Easter Reception!


29th March 2019

This week we have been learning about 'The Easter Story,' retelling the story, acting it out and we have been busy making our 'Easter Bonnets.' 

We have enjoyed drawing the beautiful spring time flowers and describing them.


22nd March 2019

This week the children made an obstacle course from 'The Bear Hunt' story and travelled over, under, through and in between many obstacles. Some of the children also went on a Bear Hunt! 

We did lots of measuring and weighing in Maths and the children were amazing at counting in twos as we counted how many feet, wings, eyes the chicks had. Our chicks have now gone back to the farm an we have been writing 'Thank You' letters to the farmer.

15th March 2019

This week has been very exciting watching our chicks hatch. We have been writing about the chicks and listening to the story of 'Chicken Licken.' We have been building homes for the chicks and acting out the story with animal masks.

8th March 2019

This week we have been learning about Lent and went to church on Ash Wednesday. We explored how the church is a special place for Christians and made models of St Paul's Church. We all looked fabulous on World Book Day. Thank you for your support! Nanny McPhee worked her magic too!

1st March 2019

This week we have been 'Going on a Bear Hunt!' We made our own scenes from the story and also measured the bears. We talked about how the bear might be feeling at the end of the story and discussed what makes us feel sad/scared. We made our own caves in Construction and wrote warning signs! 

Our garden is looking beautiful as out springtime flowers are blooming! We also worked as a team and followed instructions to clean out the fish tank.

15th February 2019

We have enjoyed acting out the story of Chinese New Year this week. We also noticed that our plants are starting to grow in our Reception garden. We made models to help the animals cross the river and demonstrated great teamwork, working together to build bridges.

8th February 2019

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We measured and compared the lengths of the dragons tails using non standard measures. We also estimated then measured the length of the kimono. In Construction we built models to help the animals cross the river. We started to make the Chinese Dragon and practised our Dragon dance.

1st February 2019

This week we have continued with our topic of Journeys. We made maps and pictogram graphs. We learned about Islam and talked about/acted out the Journey to Mecca during Pilgrimage. We enjoyed 'The Naughty Bus' and engaged in imaginative play after listening to the story. We also made our own buses and paid 10 pence for them, adding amounts to buy parts for the bus. Of course we enjoyed 'writing' in the snow!

25th January 2019

Our listener this week is Jack and our estimator of the week is Isabella. We have been learning about where we live in Wigan and Wigan's famous landmarks. We enjoyed making these landmarks in Construction and listening to the music of George Formby.

18th January 2019

This week we have been learning the 'l' sound and had fun exploring lots of 'l' words and making models beginning with the 'l' sound. We have been adding amounts together using the toys from 'The Toys Party' story and writing lists of ingredients to make a cake for the party. We made a cake just like Kipper with some very unusual ingredients!


11th January 2019

Happy New Year Reception. This week we have been learning the letter 'f.' The weather helped us to learn this sound as we explored the frost and the fog! We also played the 'Jack Frost' game.  We started to learn about old and new toys as part of our topic and made a toy teddy bear in Construction.

21st December 2018

 We have enjoyed a very busy week in Reception.  We loved our pantomime and we were absolutely amazing in our christmas nativity.  We are very proud of all of the children who performed!  The children celebrated their achievements with a fun filled christmas party and Breakfast with Santa.  We wish you all a very happy christmas and a wonderful New Year.

14th December 2018

This week we have been busy creating our own Christmas decorations. We explored colour mixing while painting our decorations. The children were surprised that when mixing two colours together it made another colour! In Construction we have been busy designing and building a new stable for baby Jesus and a manger for him to sleep in. 

7th December 2018

This week we have been learning the names of 3D shapes and describing them. We explored which shapes rolled and which shapes did not roll. We enjoyed reading the story 'Can't you sleep Little Bear' and created our own reading cave for the bears. We have been learning about 'The Christmas Story' and in Construction built a special place for Baby Jesus to be born.

30th November 2018

This week we have been continuing our theme of celebrations. The children brought photographs in from home of their special celebrations and talked about them. We explored whether some celebrations were more important than others and why. We explored colour mixing to paint an orange flame for our Diva lights and made Diwali sweets.


23rd November 2018

This week we have been continuing with our 'Celebrations' topic  and we planted our bulbs ready for next Spring. We had a very special visitor, Rev. Mark who talked to the children about Baptism. Our class puppet Shirley was baptised. We learned about 'Diwali' the Hindu festival of light and designed our own Rangoli patterns.

16th November 2018

This week we have been choosing Respect as part of 'Anti-Bullying' week. The children came to school wearing odd socks and throughout the week learned how to show Respect to others. We wore yellow for 'Children in Need' and enjoyed estimating and counting how many bears we could fit on Pudsey Bear.

9th November 2018

This week the children have been weeding our garden area and recycling the waste in the compost bin. We explored colour, light and dark as we created pictures of fireworks. We learned about Remembrance Day, made poppies and a huge poppy using our bodies.

2nd November 2018

A 'Spooky Week' in Reception this week, reading 'Room on the Broom.' The children acted out the story after the 'invisible' witch visited our classroom. We estimated in Maths how many objects could fit on the broomstick and added one more each time. In Construction the children made a model of a new mode of transport for the witch! Using our Autumn collection of objects we made patterns in the style of Andy Goldworthy. We used the iPads to take photographs of our designs.