16th July

This week the children have spent two mornings meeting their new teacher, Miss Corless. Miss Corless has been getting to know all of the children and it has been lovely for all of the children to have the opportunity to meet with their new class teacher.  We have been enjoying taking our learning outdoors and making the most of the lovely weather this week. The tree which the children have tracked throughout the seasons has now produced apples. The children were very excited to pick fresh apples from the apple tree and we are going to explore the insides of the apples and create some beautiful artwork. Finally, we will wash, peel and taste the apples for our snack. Some of the children are already thinking of some tasty treats for us to make such as apple pie and toffee apples!


9th July

This week we have collected so much rain water that we have started to collect and measure the amount of rainfall again! We have been learning how to work together as a team to transport the water which we collected in the tray into the bottles so that we could fill up our water sprays. We are enjoying watching our runner beans grow and watering them daily using our rain water.  We have been learning about the life cycle of a seed and sequencing pictures showing the seed, the sprouting seed, seedling and then the sunflower. I hope that all of your sunflowers are continuing to grow strong!  We have been learning how to halve amounts and are doing extremely well, even when the amount is not an even number!  We have been learning about the story of the Creation and thanking God for our wonderful world, especially the rain this week! Another fantastic and very busy week in reception!


2nd July

In reception this week we have been learning about doubling and halving amounts in maths. We have been sharing amounts equally between 2 and working out what to do if the number is an odd number! In phonics we have been revising all of the sounds which we have been learning so far and learning the ‘ar’ sound. We are working very hard especially with our reading and writing and making sure that we are forming our letters correctly.  We have been amazed at how fast our seeds and beans are growing and have been continuing to look after them each day and observe what is happening to them. I will send home a chart for you to start to fill in so that the children carry on watering and measuring their plants. Some of them may even need repotting as they are growing very tall. We are enjoying traditional tales and have enjoyed listening to the ‘Gingerbread man and Jack and the beanstalk and Goldilocks and the three bears.’ Another busy week, great teamwork and super effort and attitude from all of the children. Well done you little superstars! 


25th June

This week we have been continuing to look after our sunflowers and runner beans in class and will be bringing them home on Friday. They will need re-potting soon as they are growing very fast! Please continue to water your sunflower at home and observe your sunflower as it grows.  We have been writing instructions: How to plant a seed and ordering them.  We are enjoying reading lots of traditional stories and have enjoyed Jack and the Beanstalk this week.  We have been continuing to learn about where we live and the local landmarks.  This week we looked at Mesnes park, Sir Francis Powell and of course St. Pauls Church.  The children have been using charcoal to sketch and smudge pictures of the Pavillion.  We were so excited to go on our little outing to Church on Wednesday morning. A huge thank you to Reverend Mark and Fran for showing the children around Church and taking the time to talk to them. All of the children even had the opportunity to stand in the pulpit and we had a wonderful experience, thank you! We have been drawing maps of our journeys to church and writing lists of all of the things which we saw on our journeys. What a busy week, we are proud of all of your hard work reception!


11th June

We have had a lovely first week back and have enjoyed the lovely weather outdoors! This term we will be learning about how plants grow and we have planted our own sunflower seeds already. We will be bringing these home when they start to grow! We are learning about what plants need to survive and will have lots of fun growing lots of different seeds such as cress, runner beans etc…  We have all enjoyed our first sports day today and took part in the long jump, the javelin and running races. In our class the overall winners were the blue team! Well done to all of the children for taking part.


28th May

We have had a fantastic week learning all about our town Wigan.  We have been exploring local landmarks such as Scotsman’s flash and the Leeds to Liverpool canal which runs alongside the flash. We have been exploring different types of boats and finding out which materials make the best boats by testing which materials will float and sink.  We then designed and made sails for our sailing boats and explored which shapes make the best sails, triangular or square shaped sails.  The children have been making barges and canoes in our outdoor area. We even attached oars to our crates and made tickets for the boat trip.  We learned about the locks along the canal and watched how a barge travels through the locks. A great week, following the children’s interests and working together! Well done reception!


21st May 

This week we have been ‘Going on a Bear Hunt!’  The children have created a fabulous story map, including the grass, forest, mud etc from the story.  We have been chanting the ‘Bear Hunt’ and accompanying our chant with instruments to represent the different textures and scenes throughout the story.  The children have created some fantastic caves for the bears and  have been writing warning messages for the family, to warn them that the bear is hiding inside the cave!  We have also been learning about where we live in Wigan and what is special about our town.  The children wanted to learn more about ‘Scotsmans’ Flash and were very interested in the different types of boats which they could see on the water.  We wondered why sailing boats have triangular sails? We are now exploring, designing and making our own sails to test out which shape makes the best sail and which material to use for our boats. After all, we do not want our boats to sink!


14th May

This week, we have been collecting the rainfall as there has been so much rain! We collected the rainfall and decided where to collect the most rain. We decided that underneath the guttering would be the best place.  We then measured the amount of rain over the week and were amazed to find that we had collected almost 2 litres of water! A very wet week in reception this week but great problem solving and teamwork, well done Reception!


7th May

This week, we have been continuing with our topic of journeys. The children have been describing their journeys to school and talking abut what they see and hear on the way!  We have been drawing simple maps of our journeys, using the symbols which are used on maps and writing about what we can see and hear.  We have really enjoyed looking at the photographs of our own bird’s eye views from our houses and talking about what we can see. We noticed that things look a lot smaller when you are further away from them! It was very interesting finding out what these were from a different viewpoint!


30Th April

We have been continuing to learn about Saint George this week.  The children measured the length and width of the England flag using a variety of different objects. They added the 2 amounts together and then we worked out if this amount was more or less than our special number for this week, the number 18.  We learned about the story of St. George and the dragon and talked about what a myth is. We loved acting out the story and wrote letters to Saint George, warning him that the dragon was hiding in the lake. We decorated biscuits and measured the length and width of our biscuits as we used strawberry laces to represent the Saint George flag. What a busy week we have had learning about Saint George.


23rd April

We have had a fabulous first week back this week! The children have enjoyed talking about what they did over Easter and we have been enjoying the lovely weather in our outdoor area.  We have been continuing to talk about our topic of ‘Journeys.’ This week we have been thinking about our journeys to school. What do we see, hear, touch and smell on our journeys to school? We have been exploring maps and the use of symbols and we have been drawing simple maps of our journeys, using the symbols used on real maps.  We are all working extremely hard, particularly with our reading and we are working together to read our class reading book every day! Great team work reception, well done!


26th March

This week the children have been busy making seed balls to plant on our day of reflection.  We explored what different types of seeds look like and then spread our seed balls underneath the trees at the front of school.  We also worked together to make reflection hearts and talked about who we are sending our love to as we attached them to the trees outside.  Together we talked about our experiences of lockdown and shared our lockdown memories and photographs. We have been learning the Easter story and talking about Jesus’ journey on Palm Sunday to Jerusalem.


19th March

This week we started our topic of Journeys. We talked about where our school is and enjoyed searching for our school on Google Earth.  We have been learning about where we live and we went on our own special journey around the outside of our school.  The children wrote a list of all of the things they could see on their journeys, including all of the lovely springtime flowers which are now in bloom! We noticed that buds were starting to grow on our apple tree and we can’t wait to see what happens next!  As it has been windy this week, the children made their own kites. We went on a stick hunt to find a stick which was shorter than the plastic strip which we used as a measure.  We measured the length of the string to make our kites and then attached the string to our sticks. We loved to see what happened as we ran holding onto them in the wind!


12th March 2021

What a wonderful first week back we have had! All of the children have had an amazing week and we have really enjoyed playing with our friends again. The children were so excited to see our garden area which is now blooming with the beautiful springtime flowers which the children planted in the Autumn.  This week we have been talking about how we are feeling, our worries about returning to school and all of the things which we are looking forward to! We have all been helping each other to remember our Golden Rules and stay safe.  We have been thinking especially about Mother’s day and talking about why our mums are special. You are all superstars and we are so happy to have you all back together again.


11th December

In Reception we are all getting very excited as Christmas is fast approaching! We have been making special ‘christmas’ playdough’ with sparkly glitter!  We have been busy making our Christmas crafts and singing our songs which we have filmed on Dojo.  The children were all fantastic!  In maths we have been learning how to add one more and one less than and playing games using the dice adding and taking away.  We have been continuing to order objects by size and have been building lego models and labelling them as small, medium and large.  We are growing a hyacinth bulb and we have estimated and ordered the number of days we think it will take to start growing.  I will keep you all updated on dojo!  We have loved reading the story of the Nativity and we have enjoyed writing about it together.

4th December

This week has been a week of welly walks, despite the weather!  We have loved going on  Winter walks and observing what is happening to the trees, plants, leaves and animals.  We were amazed to find that some leaves were covered in frost and others were not.  We explored why this was the case and discovered light and dark areas outside.  We turned off the lights in class and explored where the light was coming from. We investigated other light sources and found out lots of interesting facts about the sun.  After reading ‘Stickman,’ we went on a stick hunt.  We ordered our sticks by length and counted how many we had collected.  We compared the shortest and the longest stick and measured them.  Another busy week in reception!

27th November

In Reception we have been planting our bulbs and writing labels for them.  We can’t wait to see what happens next! We have been writing more labels in class and observing bulbs and seeds and comparing them. In maths we have been exploring the number 9 and finding lots of ways to make 9.  We ordered the plant pots and filled them with the correct number of bulbs outside.  In Literacy this week the children have enjoyed listening to the story ‘Can’t you sleep little Bear.’ In the story, little bear is afraid of the dark, so we have been thinking about what makes us feel scared.  The children explored light and dark in the bear’s cave in preparation for our topic on Light.  We realised that there was no electricity inside the cave so the bear had to use a lantern.  We have been thinking about where light comes from?  Another exciting and very busy week in Reception.

20th November

This week the children have been learning about Diwali, the festival of light.  We have really enjoyed making Mehndi patterns and Diva lamps using the playdough.  In maths we have been learning the number 8 and went on a number 8 hunt! We have been exploring how to make 8 and counted 8 lights in our Diva lamps.  The children have been learning the n and the I sound in phonics and have been working hard to form the letters.  Our garden area is now ready for us to plant our bulbs ,as the children have done a fantastic job weeding the garden. We worked as a team to weed the garden area and then we learned about recycling as the children put the weeds in the compost bin.

13th November

In Reception this week we have been creating ‘Firework’ pictures and exploring colour mixing.  We rolled the ball in the tray to mix the colours together.  Then we wrote labels to stick on our pictures to describe the sounds which we could hear, such as bang, zoom and fizz!  We have been learning the t sound in phonics and the p sound.  We have been learning how to form these letters correctly and have been doing lots of sounding and blending to help us with our spellings!  We made poppies and talked about Remembrance Day.  In maths we have been exploring how to make 7 and been outside on a number hunt! Another very busy week in our Reception class!

6th November

We have been enjoying reading the story Room on the Broom in Reception this week. We really enjoyed writing labels for the different animals in the story as well as ordering the animals on the witches’ broom. In maths we have been learning all about the number 6, we have really enjoyed searching for 6 objects around class and counting them into hoops. We also talked about Bonfire night in class this week as well as watching a firework display in class. While it was Bonfire night we coloured in some fireworks in class as well as dancing like fireworks in our music lesson. Very fun week all round!

23rd October

We have been exploring shapes in reception this week and we have enjoyed looking for shapes in the environment and we have enjoyed going on shape and number hunts.  We have been celebrating Harvest and talking about where our food comes from.  We have been sharing our food during snack and thanking God for our wonderful Harvest.  The children enjoyed watching as the branches were weaved into the trees outside.  We all had a go at weaving using paper strips. We worked together and helped each other.  Great teamwork Reception well done!

16th October

We have had another very busy week in Reception.  The children have really enjoyed listening to the story ‘Peace at Last’ and listening to all of the sounds which are keeping Daddy bear awake!  We have been writing about the story and also writing about ‘The Rainbow Fish.’  In maths we have been learning to recognise numerals and counting objects to match.  The children set up their own bowling alley and recorded how many skittles they knocked down.  They learned how to add 2 amounts together and we ordered the scores.  Super listening this week during our Wake up and Shake up every morning too! Well done Reception!

9th October

This week we have been continuing to learn about ‘Ourselves.’  We talked about how we have changed over time.  We talked about some of the things we can do now, compared with when we were babies and sequenced pictures by age.  In our phonics we have been listening to sounds which are the same and making ‘Smoothies’ using objects and pictures beginning with the same sounds.  The children have really enjoyed exploring objects which have the same sounds as their names.   In maths we have been making ‘Museums of Numbers’ for the numbers 1 to 5 and making collections of lots of different objects.  We even worked out that if a brick has 3 holes in it then 3 bricks would have 9 holes.  The children are now able to get themselves dressed and undressed for P.E which is amazing, and we are so proud of them! 

2nd October

The children have been continuing to learn about rhyming words and nursery rhymes.  In construction we have been building walls for Humpty Dumpty and making models in the playdough and in the craft area.  We have been learning about ourselves, drawing self- portraits and looking at photographs of our families.  We have been learning lots of new vocabulary as we labelled our body parts. In maths we measured the shortest and tallest child in our class using non- standard measures such as the soft bricks and blocks.  We have been learning about our class value of ‘Friendship’ and reading about ‘The Rainbow Fish.’  We are understanding how to be kind and share with our friends.  We have another fantastic week in Reception.


25th September

We have had another fabulous week in Reception this week. The children are settling really well and enjoying being in their keyworker groups of Squirrels and Owls.  We are all making lots of new friends and learning about our class value of ‘Friendship.’  We have been singing lots of nursery rhymes and number rhymes and have been exploring what sounds we can hear whilst out and about on our ‘Listening Walks.’  Well done Reception you are fantastic!


18th September 

We have had a fabulous week in reception! The children have settled really well into the school routines and we are all learning our ‘Golden Rules,’ with the help of ‘Shirley’ our class puppet and the Little Red Hen.  We are enjoying our school dinners and making lots of new friends.  We are learning how to play ‘Follow my leader’ every morning during our ‘Wake up and Shake up’ and we are exploring how to move in many different directions!  In P.E we have been learning how to put our pumps on and have even completed an assault course. We are extremely proud of our reception children, you are amazing!

20th March 2020

Exciting times in Reception this week! The arrival of 6 duck eggs at the beginning of the week proved a great success as the children watched the eggs hatch in front of their eyes! We were amazed by our baby ducklings as they learned how to walk, eat and drink for the first time.  They have now been safely returned to the farm.  In maths this week we have been learning the number 18. The children made the shape of this number on the playground and made sets of 18 objects. The children ordered the numerals to 18 and counted out objects to match. We have been continuing to write about ‘The Bear Hunt’ story and we have been learning lots of new tricky words and sounds in fabulous phonics. The children have been learning about the famous landmarks of Wigan in particular, Mesnes Park and the statue of  Sir Francis Powell and Wigan Pier. The children made these landmarks in the construction area.


13th March 2020

This week we have been continuing  with our topic of Journeys and we have been talking about how we travel to school. The children completed a Pictogram chart and discovered that most children travel to school by car.  In Literacy we have been learning the ‘Sh and the ‘th’ sound and we have been reading ‘The Bear Hunt’ story.  The children really enjoyed going on a ‘Sensory Walk’ to discover the ‘Long wavy grass,’ the ‘squelchy mud’ and the forest just like in the story.  We have been talking about our special places and special journeys that we have been made.  We have been writing warning signs to stick on the Bear’s cave to warn the family not to go inside and building the cave in construction.


6th March 2020

In Reception this week the children set up an ‘Old Toy Shop’ and learned how to buy toys from the shop using pennies to add two amounts together.  We ordered numerals to 20 and played the missing number game, identifying one more and one less than each time.  We started our new topic of ‘Journeys’ and drew simple maps of our journeys to school and talked about what we could see, hear, touch and smell on the way.  We talked about where we live in Wigan.  The children had a wonderful day celebrating ‘World Book Day.’  You looked absolutely amazing! We read the story ‘We’re all Wonders’ and talked about using our kind hands and how we can be kind towards others. 

28th February 2020

In Reception before half term we made a ‘cake’ after reading the story ‘The Toys Party.’  We put in jam, ham, cornflakes and beans!  This week we have been learning about shapes and patterns and ordering numbers in maths.  The children have continued to explore old toys and made a Toys Timeline. We talked about how toys have changed over time and sequenced them. We enjoyed making ‘The Old Bear’ from the story using collage materials. We also went to church to mark the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday.


14th February 2020

This week in Reception we have been learning the letter sounds W and X. As well as sounding and blending simple words beginning with the letter sounds W and X. We have also been using Lego bricks and Play dough to create the letter sounds. We have been playing lots of eye spy games when learning our phase 2 and 3 tricky words.

We have spent some time reading to Miss Honey and Shirley in our time to talk area in class we, had lots of fun.

In History we have been exploring new and old toys and have been playing with these in our small world corner. We have been enjoying comparing the differences between the old and the new toys during our carpet time with Mrs Clarke. We have also created a toy shop in class where we can buy old and new toys with our toy pennies.

In our magical maths we have been learning the number sixteen. We have been doing some fun activities by threading large buttons onto string as well as matching numbers from one all the way to sixteen. We have also been learning about Baptism after a visit from Reverend Mark. He came into school to talk to us all about Baptism. We had fun when Baptising Shirley our class puppet. We learnt that by Shirley being Baptised she was welcomed into God’s Family just like all of us in Reception. We had a fantastic time.


7th February 2020


This week in reception we have been exploring our fun phonics, focusing on the ‘V’ and ‘W’’ sounds.  We have been sounding and blending in the playground by using chalk to write out words that begin with our focused sounds, jumping on every sound button to help us blend whole words such as vet, van and vat… what fun we have had!  

We have also been playing a phonics eye spy game, hunting for tricky words.



In our magical maths we have been exploring the number fifteen, threading fifteen beads onto string and building towers of fifteen dinosaurs and cubes. We have also been using 2 part models to work out what 2 numbers make ‘15’



This week in literacy we have been reading the story Elmer, which is all about a colourful elephant being different and not fitting in with his herd. Reception have been drawing and writing sentences about what happens in the story.

31st January 2020

This week we have been learning the letter sounds SS and J in our fun phonics lesson. We have been making the letter sounds out of Lego blocks. In magical maths we have been tasting and voting for our favourite noodle’s vegetable, chicken or beef. We then as a class counted out our votes as well as practicing writing the number fourteen in magical maths. We have also learnt about God’s wonderful world. We all brought in some bulbs to plant in our magical reception garden we planted five each.




24th January 2020

This week Reception have been enjoying fun Phonics on the playground. We have been learning the letter sounds 'l' and 'll.' The children have been forming words with chalk on the playground and sounding and blending words. We have also been busy celebrating the Chinese New Year. We have created Chinese lanterns and we have dressed up in Chinese costumes. In our Magical Maths we have been finding the missing numbers from number bonds 1-20 using the Chinese lanterns.


17th January 2020

This week we have been learning the 'f' and 'ff' sound in Phonics. We have enjoyed ourselves sounding and blending words with 'f' and words that end with 'ff' in  the playground. We have been creating words with building blocks and lego. We have also been exploring old and new toys, past and present, and enjoyed listening to the story 'Old Bear.' In Maths we have been sorting bears into small, medium and big, what fun we have had!


10th January 2020

We have had a very good first week back, the children have worked really hard. This week in our Phonics we have been learning the letter sounds 'h' and 'b.' We have been exploring and building words with the 'h' and 'b' sounds. We have used foam bricks, lego and lots more to sound out and blend CVC words beginning with 'b.' We have been focusing on old and new toys from the past and present. We have talked about what materials they are made from and made simple comparisons. During our Maths lessons we have been exploring venn diagrams, we have used them to sort old and new toys.  


13th December 2019

This week we have been learning the 'e' and 'u' sounds. We have used pine cones and twigs to create our new sounds. In Maths, we have been learning our number bonds to 9, we have been using our multi link cubes and dinosaurs to create the total of 9. On Tuesday, the Coverdale Puppets came in, they performed the Nativity, we had a fantastic time! On Wednesday and Thursday the children performed their first Nativity at St Paul's. The children enjoyed singing the Nativity songs and performing in front of everybody. On Friday, the children took part in Christmas Jumper Day, they all looked very festive!

Well done Reception! 


6th December 2019

This week we have had a very busy week in Reception. We have been learning the 'c' and 'k' in Phonics. We have been using building blocks and pine cones to create the letter 'c' and 'k.' In Maths, we have been exploring sequence of pattern using natural materials such as, pine cones, conkers, sticks, twigs etc. which we collected from the playground. As part of our sensory group we explored how to brush our teeth. The children enjoyed using the tooth brushes. 


29th November 2019

This week the children have been learning the 'g' and 'o' sound in Phonics. We have been using different shapes and working in the sand to form these letters. This week we have enjoyed reading 'The Stick Man.' We put our wellies and coats on and went outside gathering 10 sticks each. In Maths we used the sticks we had collected to put them in size order from  the longest to the shortest. We had fun rolling cardboard tubes to colour mix, we then used these tubes to create our own 'Stick Man.' 


22nd November 2019

We have had a very busy week in Reception. We have been learning the 'm' and 'p' sound in Phonics. We had fun using foam, play bricks and sand to practice forming these letters. We explored number bonds from one to ten using building blocks and small world mini beasts. We have been learning about our class value of friendship and we have continued to enjoy listening to 'The Calming of the Storm.' This inspired us to make rainbows using our coloured mini beasts.


15th November 2019

This week we learned about Remembrance day and made a poppy. We talked about Anti-Bullying week and came to school wearing odd socks. In RE we listened to the story of 'The Calming of the Storm' and wrote a prayer together asking Jesus out friend for help. 


8th November 2019

This week the children made wormeries for their worms. They worked extremely well together as a team and have started to write instructions about 'How to make a wormery.' We have been finding out lots of interesting facts about worms! In Maths we explored the number '7' and added one more/ one less to any given number. We have been working hard to form our letters correctly. Using our Autumn collection of objects we made sensory bottles.



We have had a very busy week in Reception. We have really enjoyed learning about Autumn and exploring all of the Autumn objects, sorting them and writing labels. We have been learning the 'S' sound and read 'Superworm.' The children have been collecting worms and making homes for them. We then labelled our models of our 'Superworm' homes.


18th October 2019

This week the children have been learning about Harvest. We printed repeated patterns using different fruits and vegetables and wrote Harvest prayers together. We explored number bonds and number recognition. 

4th October 2019

This week we have been learning about our class value 'friendship.' We enjoyed reading 'The Rainbow Fish' and learning about our Golden Rule of sharing in class. We celebrated Shirley's 5th birthday and shared the playdough during Disco Dough Time! Our new pet dog has been named 'Pippin' after the children voted for their favourite name.


27th September 2019

This week the Reception children have been learning about rhyming words and have enjoyed singing nursery rhymes. They worked together to build Humpty Dumpty's wall and then labelled it. Great teamwork boys! We measured ourselves and compared the heights of the children. We enjoyed creating repeating patterns for Humpty's wall and explored how to make bubbles in the water.