School Council 2018/2019

School Council Representatives 2018/2019

Road Safety Awareness



Bikeability Training

School Council Representatives 2017/2018


School Council

Olivia was last year's School Council Prize Winner

Our aim for this year is to promote online safety and active travel

School Councillors

Edu and Evie Y2

Ruby and Noah Y3

Donny and Isla Y4

Millie and Owen Y5

Ellie and Ryan Y6



New members introduction


Plan Walk to School Week with Mrs Wadsworth

Choose Class Walk to School Week Winners

eSafety class poster competition with Mrs Wadsworth

 Class Notices / Update Web Page 



Friendship Stop / Playbags & playground equipment / Bike and Scooter review

Start to create our new School Travel Plan towards a Bronze Award with Andy Allen & Rachel from Wigan Council

Plan an eSafety Week / Assembly with Mrs Wadsworth/Miss Corless

Walk to School Surveys and Maps



Our Local Environment - Outdoor planting updates with Mrs Pennington

Clapgate Lane Survey to complete - do we need a speed barrier outside of school?

Walk to School Shoes Day Tuesday 17th May 2016 - we raised £82.50 towards the Butterfly Project Charity

Bike/Scooter Day arranged with Wigan Council

Sainsbury voucher count and active playground storage equipment ordered with Mrs Wadsworth

(Summer Project / School Talent Show  with  Miss Fletcher / Mr Rigby) TBC 



One of our latest outdoor projects was to help in the design of our new outdoor 'prayer space' with Mr Cooke.

We have also planted a Jubilee Oak and a copse of trees in the far corner of the school field as part of our outdoor environment plans courtesy of Woodlands Trust/Sainsburys 


 WOW Badges  - Walk Once a Week Project

Anti-Bullying Assemblies

Isaac in year 5 was our school council eSafety poster competition winner

eSafety assembly - Let's Create a Better Internet - Monday 10th February 2014


Mrs Jackson, our Headteacher, introduced our new School Council on her arrival at St Paul's.

Over the past 5 years there have been many school council initiatives.....

Our last one was to raise funds for the Ruiru Orphange in Kenya by collecting Sainsbury vouchers within our school community and using skipping as a way to involve our school and Kenya.!

you can contact your school council member using messaging on our learnanywhere VLE


Above is Dr Clare Garnsey, who came to tell us all about the RUIRU development fund, during one of our fund raising assemblies.   Further details are available within school about our current fund raising. 

If you would like to enter any of our skipping challenges, buy a skipping rope or collect Sainsbury vouchers then please see your class school council member.

School Council at Hawkley High