Writing English is one of the core subjects at St Paul’s and is taught as a distinct subject every day. English is an important vehicle for learning. We believe in encouraging children to be confident in both oral and written forms of the English language. If children are to be confident in the written word, they must first be confident in the spoken word. Good speaking and listening therefore plays a vital role in the learning process and provides a strong foundation for the related skills of reading and writing. We encourage this through the use of talking partners, role play and other approaches to learning.

To make the learning experience relevant to the children, wherever possible we ensure that a cross-curricular approach to writing is used, linking writing to other subjects, such as History, Geography, Science and R.E. To ensure that our pupils are taught all the necessary skills they need to be effective writers, we teach grammar skills explicitly using the Nelson grammar scheme of work. The explicit teach is then reinforced in daily writing lessons, where the teacher uses correct terminology to enhance the children’s learning. Correct spelling is an important element of writing, and following on from phonics teaching in the early years and KS1, spelling is taught using ‘Support for Spellings’. This involves children recognising different spelling patterns and using their knowledge to spell unfamiliar words. In order to give our children a head start in writing, we need them to know that how they present their work is an important element of writing.

From the early years to year 6, children are taught progressively to improve their handwriting, starting from correct letter formation, moving to joining letters accurately leading to a fluent handwriting style which can be adapted for the writing purpose. All the above combined will allow our children to flourish under the 2014 curriculum which places a high value on accurate grammatical knowledge and technical ability. It is our school’s vision that our children should be creative writers so we teach the curriculum in a cross curricular fashion which puts writing in context