Mastery Curriculum

At St Paul’s, we want our pupils to have curriculum that is relevant to their needs and promotes aspiration , centred around God, which allows them to explore the different aspects of our world so that they can develop into rounded individuals who have a balanced view of the world and value and contribute to the people and the community around them. 


Our curriculum is designed to promote independence and problem solving through the acquisition of knowledge and the understanding of how that knowledge can be applied to different contexts through the relevant skills and how those skills can be transferred to different areas of the curriculum and life.  To promote resilience, we ensure that children are challenged, not only in their academic work but also in their attitude to learning and to develop into rounded citizens.  To promote equality, we have designed a vocabulary rich curriculum to allow children of all abilities and backgrounds to access the learning.  We help the children to realise that getting things wrong is part of learning and that this is an essential part of the journey of life.  Woven throughout the curriculum are opportunities to explore our faith and the faith others and to put Christianity into practice.


We recognise that knowledge is an essential part of learning and that the ability to remember and recall facts is of vital importance.  As such, we use a knowledge driven curriculum in which children are given the relevant facts they need in relation to a particular subject and are tested on their recall of these important facts.  This forms a part of the assessment at the end of their unit of work. 

To deliver the facts and to ensure that the children have a good understanding of how facts relate to each other and to understand the links between them, we use the Magenta Principles to deepen the children’s learning so that the children can explain how the facts are relevant in a real life situation which feeds into the children’s reasoning ability and their capacity to tackle unknown situations by applying skills that they have learned in another aspect of school life.


The intended impact of our curriculum is that children are taught the importance of knowledge and are encouraged to recall facts and important events relating to all aspects of school lives.  Further, once the children are secure in their knowledge, we aim for them to be able to use these facts in context to make links between subject areas.  We also aim to ensure that children from all backgrounds and circumstances are given the best start in life, knowing that they are loved by God and that they are part of a caring community.

Our Mastery Curriculum in action, learning and excitement in the afternoon!