Latest Key Stage 2 National Curriculum Results


The above link will take you to the Department for Education's website for our School's Performance Table for 2015.

Simply use our School postcode - WN3 6SB.  There you will find our KS2 results for the % of children achieving Level 4 and Level 5 progress in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

When the National Curriculum was originally created, national expectations were also set in place. These were known as ‘levels’. Levels are quite broad ‘averages’. They can be made more precise by referring to a low, middle or high level, in the following way:  In primary schools, the majority of pupils begin Year 1 (the start of Key Stage 1) working at or towards a Level 1C (a ‘low’ Level 1) and progress to Level 1B then 1A. From this point, they are expected to work broadly at the following levels:

Summer term, Year 2 (the end of Key Stage 1)

  • pupils work at around Level 2B or 2A (a ‘middle’ or ‘high’ Level 2)
  • more able children might achieve a Level 3C / 3B

Summer term, Year 6 (the end of Key Stage 2)

  • pupils work at around Level 4B or 4A (a ‘middle’ or ‘high’ Level 4)
  • more able children might achieve a Level 5C / 5B / 5A

When deciding on a pupil’s level of attainment, teachers judge a pupil’s performance against different ‘level descriptions’. Some end-of-year tests in English and Maths may also be used. Tests at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) are called SATs – these remain statutory requirements.The Government has established national targets for the proportion of 11-year-olds achieving Level 4 in English and maths at the end of Key Stage 2. Schools are required to set targets for the proportions of their pupils reaching these targets.

However after 2015 'levels' will be changing according to the new National Curriculum guidelines

More details of this will follow during 2015/16 when it is expected that the new National Standard (N) will be equivalent to the old 4B in Y6 and children will either be Working Towards the National Standard (W) or Working Above the National Standard (A)

New Curriculum Letter 2015.docx


This table below show the percentage of Year 6 pupils achieving each level in 2015, compared to national end of Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment Levels and Test Results for 2014.

The number of eligible children is: 30

Figures may not total 100 per cent because of rounding.

In summary: percentage achieving a Level 4+ in reading was 90%,  Level 4b+ was 80% and Level 5+ was 27%

percentage achieving Level 4+ in writing was 83%, Level 5+ was 23%

percentage achieving Level 4+in maths was 90%, Level 4b+ was 70%, Level 5+ 37%

percentage achieving Level 4+ SPAG  was 63 %,  Level 5+ was 40%

         percentage achieving Level 4+ in reading/writing/maths combined was 83%, Level 4b+ was 60%, Level 5+ was 10%

                 : percentage achieving at least 2 levels of progress from KS1 to KS2 in reading was 83%, writing  97%,  maths 90 %

The average score was _

KS2 P2 Comparative England 2015.pdf

This table below shows a summary of the National Curriculum assessment results of pupils in the school (2015) and nationally (2014) at the end of Key Stage 1, as a percentage of those eligible for assessment.

The number of eligible children is: 29   Figures may not total 100 per cent because of rounding.

KS1 P2 Comparative England 2015.pdf 

86% achieved a Level 2+ in Reading, 21% achieved a Level 3+

86% achieved a Level 2+ in Writing, 0% achieved a Level 3+

90% achieved a Level 2+ in Maths, 14% achieved a Level 3+