Curriculum & Topic Work

In primary schools, learning is organised into phases:

Early Years Foundation Stage: Reception Class                          Key Stage 1: (Years 1-2)

              Lower Key Stage 2:  (Years 3-4)                                                             Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5-6)

The New National Curriculum

In September 2013, the Government announced plans to overhaul the National Curriculum and in 2014 the primary school curriculum was up-dated with many changes. So why was a change needed and how has our school reacted to the change so far?

Why the big curriculum change?

The Government’s aim is to raise standards, particularly as the UK is slipping down international pupil assessment league tables. Inspired by what is taught in the world’s most successful school systems, including Hong Kong, Singapore and Finland, as well as in the best UK schools, the new National Curriculum is designed to produce productive, creative and well educated students who will be able to compete in the international market. 

Although the new curriculum is intended to be more challenging, the content is actually slimmer than the current curriculum, focusing on essential core subject knowledge and skills.

What are the main changes?

 A Guide For Parents

Curriculum Aims

The curriculum will encourage all pupils to understand, be interested in and show respect to others, whilst also developing their own self esteem.

The curriculum will enable pupils to become literate and numerate, having confidence when communicating, working with and responding to others.

The curriculum will enable pupils to develop analytical problem solving skills.

The curriculum will develop independence in our pupils enabling them to make healthy, safe life choices for themselves and others.

If Parents or Carers would like to discuss any part of the curriculum please contact school via the main office on 01942 243068, option 3 and the office team will arrange a mutually convenient time for you to speak with the relevant member of the teaching staff.